Our Definition Of Love (unconditional)


Love (unconditional) to us exists far beyond the words that we speak via the English language. Love is something that is greater than any man made language can describe. If we think of the feeling of relief then we know what love unto the self feels like.  Love is not a physical act tho, love is an energy that exists far beyond the physical world that we see. To love unconditionally means to love all things in existence (including self) at all times no matter the conditions. It is our mission to show the world how we can all work together towards a common goal of helping to spark unconditional love in the hearts of  humanity in these uncertain times. Life is a big lesson that was meant to teach us the  truth about love! Go out there and love yourself today family. If you support the movement and the mindset follow us on your favorite social networks. -Life.Love.Laughter


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