One Take Freestyle Hip-Art by Us

One Take Freestyle Hip-Art by Us

We recently started making music at home on the laptop for shits and giggles. We don’t have any studio or studio equipment, we basically used the resources the we had available to put these triznacks together. Now 1st off these are not our beats, we pulled them from youtube from many different producers, all based on personal preference. We usually listen to about 10 seconds of a beat to see if its our kind of beat, then we just go and let it flow. Its our art, our spoken word, our poetry, our own unique expression.  If you find us using one of your beats and you want recognition email us at

We are simply just having fun making music and if you can vibe with our sound then please spread the word because the biggest goal is to spread LIFE.LOVE.LAUGHTER across the globe.

Simply click on the green link/title at the top of this post to be directed to our profile where you and your friends can hear us get loose on the beat. Aye!! Happy Tuesday family! #Wholeness

If you support what we are doing for the universe and would like to donate to the cause. Donations can be sent via (


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