The Shocking Truth About Our Food: Dairy

Why you might wanna think again about your dairy.

Back to Basics

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The only way to get pure nutrients needed for maintenance of true health would be that of Pure, unadulterated RAW milk straight from the Cow or better yet a Goats utter without the nightmare of Pasteurization and Homogenization that we have become engrained into believing that Milk is good for us, especially with the amount of money pushed into the ridiculous foods pyramid from Government proudly displaying the “Got Milk” stain on their forever greedy lips.

Because of Codex Alimentarious, (For more on Codex, click here) Every Cow on this planet must be treated with Bovine Growth Hormone and Antibiotics.  rBGH which increases insulin growth-factor IGF-1, which has been linked to several Cancers.

While it is true that Calcium and Magnesium is vital to is vital to regulate every cell in the body (Get Plant Derived Minerals here) and regulate phosphorus, which requires calcium and if there is none (especially…

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