We Only Judge Ourselves

Damn, just had to write to express myself today and how I’m feeling. Why is It so hard for some women to just be truthful? I mean I get it, none of us want to give others whom we love the chance to judge us ( which to me is a mis-perception) while at the same time not inner-standing that the lies will kill you and your family, and on top of that only you can judge yourself because life is a mirror. She has yet to see things from that level due to her traumatic past and levels of fear. It really shows how serious judging oneself can be. It’s so tough when you can see and feel the lies resonating from your partners vibration, but yet choose not to say anything, because then it’s like judging them. I know that this is all a greater cycle of nature/ universe ; it’s like I have to just sit and watch my partner and children suffer on a daily basis. It’s tough to just sit and observe another loved ones pain when you can see the reasons for their pain so clearly. I am here with her for eternity like I tell her; her mind seems to still be searching for daddy, based on what happened to her as a child. I’m only writing to express my experiences with love to the world. I compare my story to some of the ancient writings, and yes, there is so much substance in the stories that our ancestors wrote that can help us through this evolutionary period. With love, only expressing my story from my heart to yours
. -#ThaSkorpionKing


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