Dandelion Greens & Their Benefits




Dandelion Greens 

It is a valuable survival plant that contains all 12 nutritive blood, tissue, muscle salts necessary for the body to purify itself. Dandelion acts as a natural tonic to the whole bodily system. It destroys acids in the blood. Therefore, Dandelion is an excellent blood Builder and Purifier. It stimulates the liver to detoxify poisons and the kidneys to eliminate waste. It is one of the safest plants and therefore may be used in a tea for babies and children. It is used for childhood dis-eases, such as, measles, mumps and chicken poxes, and other ailments, such as, insomnia, kidneys, bladder, gall bladder, pancreas ailments and digestive disorders, It helps heals anemia, bronchitis, constipation, diabetes, cancer, gall stones, gout, jaundice, psoriasis, tonsillitis, skin problems, flu, fractures, heartburn, reflex disease, boils and etc

Also here is a article on dandelions as well:http://www.motherearthnews.com/real-food/benefits-of-dandelion-greens-zmaz08amzmcc.aspx#axzz32PFI30Bv

We keep a stash of these in the fridge. -LIFE.LOVE.LAUGHTER

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