Mung Bean & Canadian Wild Rice Benefits

Mung Bean & Canadian Wild Rice Benefits

#ayebruh we are vegan like a mufuh. I’m just in the kitchen about to start whipping up some of dat good good, for the mind, body, and soul. We mess with Canadian wild rice to get away from the starch of white and brown rice, which breaks down to carbonic acid in the body thus degenerating the cells causing all kinds of funk. Especially in the melanin dominant body (darker skinned). Mung beans (legume family): are good for lowering cholesterol, slowing the replication of cancer cells (protease inhibitors), promoting healthy blood sugar levels, potassium, protein, iron, fibre, B vitamins, magnesium, #lifelovelaughter #amazing #alkaline #neguseatinvegan #abalancedlyfe #beautiful #bestoftheday #vegan #veganhour #veganlife #vibration #healthylife #me #mind


2 thoughts on “Mung Bean & Canadian Wild Rice Benefits”

    1. No problemo, yes, based on my research brown rice is not much better starch wise. Our family uses the canadian wild rice, which can be expensive, or we use black forbidden rice which is less expensive. We even sometimes use quinoa or kamut or quinoa noodles etc. We find most of these at whole foods. Ding Ding that would be good to do a rice comparison. Thanks for the idea and inspiration family. Wholeness & Love.

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