Gotta Side Chick?

Gotta Side Chick?

If u creepin on the side it’s a sign that there is something you feel you lack within which causes you pain and suffering for yourself and others. Nobody wants that Karma. Besides the human souls seeks mentally connected soulmates which today is not happening simply because we fear telling and accepting our complete truth. If we only knew what accepting the full truth about ourselves would do lmao everybody would be on it ASAP! Fam, man and woman can illuminate each other into a state of cosmic consciousness, but yet we still scrambling around with petty stuff like lying and being nosey. Let’s step our game up fam, it’s a much bigger world out here, u see these big ass balls floating out in space lol!

#amazing #ayebruh #alkaline #beautiful #bestoftheday #culinarycreations #electricfood #energy #fun #fear #flame #fresh #flower #follow #freedom #flouride #followme #girls #govegan #goodvibes #happy #human


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