Diatomaceous Earth for Health Optimization

Diatomaceous Earth for Heath Optimization

Took some this morning for the first time, now here is a little bit of info on this white powdery substance called:

DE (DIATOMACEOUS EARTH) – ORGANIC / FOOD GRADE 85% SILICA – The most common use for food grade diatomaceous earth is to cleanse the digestive system. Diatomaceous Earth purges heavy metals, parasites, toxins and negative (excessive) bacterias. While everybody believes calcium to be the most important mineral for our skeletal system, in reality is silica. Silica promotes collagen production in our bones, which is mainly what our bones are made of. Silica also regulates our calcium levels in our bones, which is vital to skeletal health. Numerous studies have shown that Diatomaceous earth can help naturally lower both blood pressure and cholesterol. The belief is that DE helps deliver the essential nutrients which improve heart health and help remove LDL cholesterol from the body. This in turn improves the overall efficiency and health of your heart. *Some users report a drop of 40-60 points in blood pressure in only a month or so of taking a diatomaceous earth supplement. As humans age, we start to notice our bodies slowly start to weaken and break down. Our skin, teeth, and nails are often the first parts of body to weaken. Silica is vital to the health of all three of these body parts. Silica hardens teeth and prevents tooth decay, helps hair grow faster and thicker, and helps nails grow faster and harder. Silica also boosts collagen production of the skin, which helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles. -DrAlimelbey.com

If you are interested in DE we have access to a quality supplier, and if you are tight on money don’t worry he’ll work with you as his goal is to serve all of humanity as best he can. Just email us over at: UrbanLaughterSuite@gmail.com

*Statements made not approved by the FDA


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