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Whats good family, I’m good just sitting in Goldy’s in downtown Boise Of The Idaho Republic relaxing and peeping the scenery. The weather is mild out here, a lil windy. Whew, as more and more days pass in this world that we exist in things seem to be getting clearer and clearer for me in relation to what we dealing wit in here. My own personal transformation story blows me away everyday, the things thats being brought to my site are things i have never before seen in this world from my eyes. I went through most of my life in what seems like a deep state of sleep. 6 years ago I started researching, seeking the truth about love in response to a dis-functional relationship that I was involved in, and still am today, lol. It’s a little different now, and thats a different storee for a different time. I simply had questions for myself, like: what is love? how can you want to love someone, but it still not work out? why does it seem that so many folk going through the same ish?

I guess I always felt like it was far more to this love thing than we knew, and I was determined to find it. I learned mucho through the years, but no major changes had really taken place within me, I seemed to only be gaining mind knowledge not realizing that in the coming years there would be more to come. Over a year ago I quit both of my jobs and chose to spend time seeking who and what I am in more depth. Keep in mind I have two children and now a third on the way, so it took some strong ish to cause me to step out on faith, trusting in the universe/most high/prime creator whatever you wanna call it. A year ago I also went vegan, and began trying different meditation methods while keeping up on my research work. Since then some serious changes have taken place within me and they continue to be evolving at a rapid pace. Its like my soul is being removed from all material attachments including words, and thoughts. Yes words and thoughts, as days go by my awareness seems to be moving farther and farther away from this world that I’ve always known. Until next time. Wholeness and love family. #ThaSkorpionKing


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