Ok Im back now my bad



I have been rather quiet over the last few days, I would like to reintroduce myself onto your time line. Whew, my laptop crashed and I lost all data, and now I’m back ready for the next chapter in this. Yessssss!!! But yea, my laptop was not coming on the other day, and I took it into the apple store. They tried to revive it, but ended up having to wipe the data clean and re-install the operating system. Once that was done the mac would not boot up indicating that my hard drive and the battery was trash. So the battery at about 130 Federal Reserve Notes (FRN’s) was out of the question since I’m dead broke. My only option was to get a hard drive from best buy and replace it on my own (keeping in mind that I bought a 1 tb drive from best buy about a year ago and it should still be under warranty) either way ill a hard drive in my hands without a problem. My goddess stepped up to the plate and was able to sacrifice the funds for me to get the drive that I replaced on my own as pictured.


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