Language As A Programming Device

Life can be amazing once one learns to control the mind rather than letting words that another group of beings in their sub-human state created with world dominance in mind, created to hold the masses down, these words, which are really factually an energy system that can be explained best by understanding the energies that the numbers 1-9 represent. These numbers representing specific energies can , and already have been shown as fact using the mathematics of the numbers 1-9 which is a math of nature in this universe. The most so-called “intelligent”of humans on this planet understood this. Well duh, this is one big ass secret that the Vatican has been hiding in their top secret library which is guarded by security. Lol smh! Yes my brothers and sister all language/phrases/letters is derived off of energies that the numbers 1-9 represent.

“They” say that there are 7 colors in the light spectrum. But who tha fuck is they? If they ask me I say that there are 9 colors because we must include black and white which makes 9 total colors. So check this one time, if this continent has been doing science based on 7 colors that would explain why science here is trash and must be replaced with the true wisdom of nature not this cesspool of fictional illusions which conflict with the great mother (nature)

To make a long story short I must say to you family that all you guys have ever and never dreamed of having in life and all the perfection that ya shu’ a ( changed to Jesus in 325 .a.d at the council of nicea which was a meeting amongst the Romans to determine how they would continue to be the strongest power on the planet which has occurred Up until present day 2014 ad , but yet, most on this continent have not understood this fact ) spoke of in the book of the suns path through the cosmos ( aka The Holy Bible) all of that glorious heaven and perfection exists outside of all language/words/letters. It’s far bigger than that!, how dare we put limits made up in our limited minds on the infinitesimal mind of the most high/Ra/ pure love energy!

I say this to say that our entire language is a programming device family. We must slow our minds down with thinking that we know everything when we have never fuckin studied the language/words/letters that a group of humans in their sub-human state who wanted world power and dominion over everyone gave us with only themselves in mind, get it?

The code to the matrix, or to life exists in these things that we call letters. Letters are attached to numbers and numbers are energy and everything is energy and if humans in their sub-human state trust in arbitrary words and letters ; those words and letters can be used to move them in arbitrary ways and if they move without knowing this then they are being moved arbitrarily like cattle all through the language. For centuries this has went down but family the cat is out the bag now the secrets of history are out.

Trust me , no don’t do that, I know the shit sound like ahhhhhhhh helllllll naaaaa!!!! But those that know me know just how I am. And I know it sounds sooo far fetched based on what we have been told. Im still blown away by it. But this is the stuff we must learn if we ever truly want change ! We must begin to study this thing called life for ourselves. Do not trust in anybody, trust in you and you will then be provided for with many trusting bodies in your circle. My words from my heart to yours. Close your eyes for a sec and feel how these words and letter combinations on this screen are making your brain and DNA mutate and transform. Lmao! Really tho we must turn within and solve our issues there first overall, for we are our own foundation and we have skipped the importance of truly knowing ourselves first, focus your own mind as well as on the language(s) being used here is all im saying. Words from my heart to yours. Wholeness #ThaSkorpionKing



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