natural (will of creator) law vs. corporate (presuming contracts) law

When the people of the world begin to see what has been taking place in the legal arena there will be a big booooompickowwwwping, then there will be so much laughter at ourselves, lmfao! We have been so very asleep like little innocent children, wow! This thing blows the hell out of my mind, its all limitless and its all you. But yea, in modern day North Amuurika the natural people still do not realize that they have a spiritual/energetic side to their existence. This puts them at a great disadvantage when it comes to protecting themselves against corporations (fictions), so this is why we find the most people incarcerated there. The corporations are presuming things upon the people, and the people fail to respond due to ignorance of who they are and of how the system works. With these two simple things restored within the people the Amuurikan dream could be restored. The people must come to the realization that they are already free eternal beings under the creator, just as a redwood tree, the difference is you walk and talk, and you have unalienable rights meaning you can do whatever you want as long as you do not harm anyone or anything. There is no possible way any government can possibly have jurisdiction over a natural being unless you injure another or damage their property, or also if you have sat down face to face with the corporate entity and met mind to mind and agreed to a contract. But, uh oh, how can a corporation which doesn’t exist ever meet mind to mind?? lmfao!! Exactly. I hope you guys follow me. -L.Ra


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