IMG_4668Was good family? Wholeness and Love to all! Do you see these sculptures ? Do y’all know what this even means? Especially those of us in the west who are still fiercely attached to sex to a point where its our highest orgasm in life. Every moment of existence can be a orgasm once we learn to go beyond mind. This comes from my direct experiences ongoing, within my own instrument/space suit/body/vessel. Sex is meant to exist in harmony when it is based on necessity and not lust. In the ancient world the fucking went down once a certain mental vibrational frequency was met by both parties, and the same still happens today, but the difference today is that we are working from a instrument/space suit/body that has been compromised. Our pineal glands are even calcified, so how the hell we supposed to see anything spiritual/energetic or of a higher mental perspective if our 3rd eye which allows us to do that is calcified (not functioning properly)?  There are solutions to all tha problems on this planet, but it starts with each one of us. Wholenesss and Love family!





  1. Exactly! Sex is just like food. An experience chosen based on need or desire.The most amazing gift we have is Choosing our Experiences!

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