Please Forgive Us For Our Absence

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Hola world,

Things have been a little busy and crazy around the suite as we have been dealing with a few different obstacles. First off we :Nazu, Urban Laughter Suite Co-cre8tor  has been at home almost everyday with our brand new 7 month year old little princess Asa….. as she demands attention like nothing we have seen before lol…. This is our 1st time experiencing how it is to be a stay at home dad and its been a pretty eye opening and enlightening one I must say.

One of the biggest obstacles we were set to overcome was a “legal” issue that we were involved in for about a year… and that issue finally came to a close this week in a way that blew us away. It was an indicator of the power of unconditional love and respect for self and other. This other just so happened to be the United States, and we must tell you that based on our experience these people are really here to help us all evolve into a nation of greatness. Its up to us to uplift ourselves from our current place in society based on our experience.

We just thought we would update our followers, fans and supporters on where we have been. We still here! Expect us!

:Nazu:Xi-Ta, Urban Laughter Suite Co-Cre8tor



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