About Us

What About Us?

Urban Lau9hter Suite (Hereinafter U.L.S) Is In The Process Of Being Structured As A Private And Autonomous International Non-Governmental Organization Put Together As A Platform For Creative And Artistic Expression. U.L.S Offers Artists A Platform/Place Where We Can Tell Our Stories Through Our Art. Our Goal As A Creative & Edutainment Organization Is To Utilize Our Most Recent Research And Findings In Order To Bring In And Professionally Develop The Minds, Bodies, And Soul Of The Most Passionate Individuals We Can Find In The Boundless Universe; Offering The Art To The World For The Benefit Of The Entire Human Population.

It Is Our View That Free Artistic Expression Is The Most Important Concept In The Human Kingdom. Based On Our Viewpoint, Everything Is Art; It All Depends On How One Chooses To Look At It, We View Silence As Art As Well. We Are Here To Assist With Developing And Presenting To You The World’s Most Artistic And Compassionate People For The Benefit Of All People. We Intend To Get This Accomplished With The Help Of Sponsorships And Love Offerings Made By Our Supporters.


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