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LIVING mEDITAtION By NagarJunaBuddha…

Living Meditation
ThePurpose of Meditation is twofold…First we gain single point focus…then there is formlessness.
Living Meditatively is the cure that heals All Our Pain and allows us to heal and rebuild ourselves into our most PowerFull Selves.
Shakyamuni Buddha taught Focus on our breath…because our breath is our natural rhythm…which is also the natural rhythm of the entire universe. Also because Shakyamuni taught folk how to ReBirth themselves…To ReBirth Self we must hit the reset button. The Universe began in a point of singularity…a single point of concentrated power so Great…when unleashed it began a continuous evolving creative process that continues to speed up and expand right now this second.
When we establish single point focus we achieve singularity… The result of singularity is always a big bang of ever increasing evolving creative energy…which is formlessness. As Above So Below…As within So without. When we gain single point focus we open the portals to the highest vibrational frequencies… Allowing us to PowerUp to Our Most PowerFull Selves. This is programmed into the universe. When singularity/single point focus is gained…the result is always an explosion of constant evolving creative energy. There is NoThing more important and urgent than establishing single point focus and opening the portal to our most PowerFull Self.
—-+++Establishing SinglePointFocus—-+++
Shakyamuni taught focus on the breath…& anytime thought deviates from the breathe immediately reestablish focus. When we do this not for reward but for love healing and peace…there comes a time when the continuous headpounding scream of thought…ceases for longer and longer stretches. With all conflict gone away…peace is established and we attune to the higher frequencies. Just like Neo getting the downloads in the matrix. With higher thought powering us we create higher works.
This is 2015 in what we call America. So How do we actualize what Shakyamuni taught in this world we live in today? We did not fall into pain over night…this means timed sessions of sitting meditation do not suffice in harvesting enough energy to open the portals…freeing us of pain and limitation. The way to do that is to make our InnerVision/Dream of using our natural love for a craft(&whatever it is you do is a craft)/creative process…make that our single point focus and unlock the highest vibrational frequencies for manifesting it fully on earth. Then allowing that energy to build up until there is a big bang of constantly evolving creative energy.
We establish single point focus by making our InnerVision the point from which we experience all things. The constant mixing between the energy we encounter & the energy within causes the energy within to materialize on the physical material plane. The energy needs to be harvested and distributed in large doses continuously without cessation. So anytime anything comes to pull us out of synch with our InnerVision…we know…at least for our role in this Great Cosmic story…its false…so we must immediately release that thing & reestablish SinglePointFocus on our InnerVision. When We do this not for reward but for love healing and Peace there will come a time when NoThing can pull us out of Focus…that’s the point the portals open in earnest. Leading us to translating that energy formlessly to All Things…Loving Healing and Establishing Peace with All Things. So All energy encountered begins to show us the Healing Love Of Inner Peace. Which heals us into Full Power Capacity… and Returns us to fearlessness & limitlessness.
This is NagarJunaBuddha…
TheRealNagarBuddha…Here To Show & Prove… We Are All Buddha

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Wombmen Birth Men and not the other way around

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As imply stated in the metaphysical community, Wombmen = Magnetic light/innerg, and Man = Electric light/innerg. Electricity is said to be nothing more than slowed down magnetism, meaning that electricity moves/vibrates slower than magnetism. So, this is an indicator that the feminine space suit may have qualities that are superior to men. We must not forget that at the end of the day it is the divine feminine essence  that is behind all of creation including men…… beyond the physical material realm of male/female duality everything is made of the same single unified limitless (male /female principle balanced) substance. In actuality we are talking a about a limitless inner formless source that really cannot be named without placing limitation on it……. the reader must keep this in consideration when contemplating these matters…… WHOLENESS.LOVE.BALANCE

Learning to let things flow is key in life

One of my biggest life lessons has been learning to let things flow as they are. We hear people saying just let it flow all the time, but yet how many of us know what this really means?


Life seems to be what can be referred to as an eternally changing/evolving/mutating phenomenon that is governed by universal principles and laws that  have been in place since the beginning, and they have yet to change.

To flow in life is to be in FULL  acceptance of what life brings to you.  In the Blacks Law Dictionary 4th Edition the word Acceptance is defined as; The taking and receiving of anything in good part…. The key here is the words good part.  To be in full acceptance has all to do with the attitude of the receiver.  To accept with a positive attitude keeps a person universally in honor, while accepting/non-accepting with a negative attitude will have negative affects usually leading to dishonor.

Acceptance of all phenomena allows ones life to flow like water while other options such as resistance to life’s situations/phenomena will cause life’s flow to be restricted causing pain and suffering within the individual which is simply a natural response to resisting life via; worry, anxiety, FEAR, jealousy, envy, etc.

Acceptance can also be linked with the theory of being present and in the here now. In order for ones consciousness to rest in the present/here now, one must be in full acceptance of oneself, which seems to be a grand challenge for humanity today. We seem to have so much unfinished business with ourselves due to attachments to our past experiences etc. We must learn to accept and see that we are not our mind, thoughts, body, or senses. Once we experience and accept this foundational principle then we are ready to allow life to flow through us like water in this grand school referred to as the Universe.




Giving thanks to the cashews in my palm, here are some health benefits of cashews:

  1. Keep your heart and blood vessels healthy by providing your cardiovascular system with a steady stream of healthy, monounsaturated fatty acids.
  2. Build and maintain strong bones and teeth by supplying your body with a rich supply of magnesium, which is just as important to the physical structure of your bones and teeth as calcium.
  3. Promote healthy blood pressure – magnesium-rich cashews can help keep your blood vessels relaxed, combating the negative effects of poor dietary choices and stress than can cause high blood pressure.
  4. Keep your nerves relaxed – this is also accomplished by magnesium, which promotes a healthy, relaxed tone in your nerves and muscles by acting as a natural calcium channel blocker.
  5. Decrease muscle cramps and soreness – also due to the high magnesium content of high quality cashews.
  6. Promote deep, restful sleep through the relaxation effect that magnesium has on your nervous system and muscles.
  7. Keep your joints, bones, and blood vessels flexible by supplying your body with significant amounts of copper.
  8. Prevent premature aging and disease by supporting the antioxidant activity of a powerful enzyme called superoxide dismutase.