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New Music Genre “High Resonance Mu Sik”

Dancing With The Stars Visualizer, Giving You All A Visual Of Live-er Resonance. For Those Of You Who May Not Know, The Verses In This Song Are A Breakdown Of Different Sun Gods/Goddesses Of Which The Olmecs Call Galactic Signatures. These Are The Suns, Moons And Stars That Make You Who You Are. Neutrinos, Genetic Memory And Star Dust. This Is Why My Sound Is Called “High Resonance”, Because Only Those With Elite Knowledge Can Overstand.   -King El Rey


Olmec (Xi)/Mayan Mudras For All 20 Daykeepers (Glyphs)


From The Olmec/Mayan 13 Moon 28 Day Dreamspell Calendar Wanique Presents The MUDRAS For All 20 DAYKEEPERS (Glyphs) 
Any Of A Series Of Arm And Hand Positions Expressing An Attitude Or Action Of The Deity.
Any Of Various Similar Gestures Used In India’s Classical Dancing To Represent Specific Feelings.