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This Awakening Iz Not A Game!

Blappin Off At The Mouth In Response To His Observationz Of This World…


I am not a name…

I am not a name, a name is a word by which something is known, a word is a speech sound. So, na I can’t possibly be a name. #ThaSkorpionKing

Many of us on the North American Continent have gotten caught up on these names. We must wake up to the literal fact that we are not a name. We are all eternal and timeless spirits living within the confines of the flesh and blood vehicle. We must go back and take a look at what we have been taught and seek answers beyond what we have been taught by this system that was put in place due to our  (humanity) minds being asleep. We are now getting ready for the awakening and transition that is now taking place on this planet. We are here to help humanity sort through the bullshit, but at the end of the day always remember, do not trust in us, trust in you!!-LIFE.LOVE.LAUGHTER