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The Identity Of Humanity



Shine And Rize… We Have Yet To Notice The Situation That Is Keeping Our Ego’s Bloated… Not Just Locally, But Globally. We Have Yet To Realize That We Are Creating Stories In Our Minds Using Two Tools Called Language And Imagination, All The While Not Realizing That Our True Self Is Who We Are Before Believing In Any Thought, Story Or Imagination. This True Self Which We All Are At Our Core Is Pure, Untouched, Undiluted, Harmonious With The All, Limitless, Boundless, All Knowing And In All Places At All Times. This Can Only Be Seen By Beings Who Are Able To See Beyond The Physical Realm Of Existence. We Have Been Taught To Believe In Thoughts Which Can Never Be Our Core Since Nothing Is Created Until We Give It Meaning In Our Own Minds. This Seems To Be The Root Of The Struggle For Humanity To Harmonize With Their True Identity. So Everything Is Neutral Until A Judgement Takes Place…. In Neutrality We Create Orgasmic Beauty And Bliss… In Judgement Whether Good Or Bad, Positive Or Negative, We Create War Within And What We Do Within Is What Will Happen Without (Outside), This Is Natural/Universal/Divine Law……. Always Remember, Never Trust Us… Our Words Are A Limited Expression Of The Limitless/Boundless…  LIFE.LOVE.LAUGHTER


Have We Been Programmed To Live Negatively?


Due to the ego we like to think that we are efficient beings who know how to live in this world efficiently. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be farther from the truth when most of us still have no knowledge of the existence of the foundational energy body that exists at the foundation of the physical human body. The geometry of the invisible energy fields seem to be the foundation of what we see in our world. So, yea we have been programmed to live negatively due to the natural laws of the universe being kept from us in a time of lower consciousness. The question then arises about the use of the word negative. We look beyond the word negative into the energy that exists beyond the actual word. This energy should be looked at as equal to positive because they both exist together in unity as one system, the positive needs the negative, and the negative need positive in order to push evolution forward. Know Thyself! Peace & Love Family!