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Life.LOVE.LAUGHTER Radio Talk w/ Teacher Sista Raz Bey (Click through picture to access show)

Life.LOVE.LAUGHTER Radio Talk w/ Teacher Sista Raz Bey (Click through picture to access show)

“Negro, black, colored, african-american, are all slave names/labels that refer to beings who are only 3/5 th’s of a human being”

Sista Raz Bey, and Mizraim teachers of moorish history speak the truth with Tone & LB about how to reclaim your planetary birthrights and status as a full human being. Get your note pad out for this one! -LIFE.LOVE.LAUGHTER

“We bring shows that have substance”.


What The Hell Is Law?

What The Hell Is Law?

Law is nature, the invisible geometry that governs the universe which our most intelligent ancestors knew about i.e Einstein, and even beyond that. Law cannot be said or written, but yet folks goin to jail and paying for written “laws” everyday, lmao. What we have been thinking is law is simply corporate policy being enforced by corporations who are claiming authority over you due to your very own ignorance based on my research, don’t trust me and this is not legal advice. Know Thyself family!

Just Keeping It Real For All The People

Its me LB again, here to spill the beans in reference to the shadow side of our existence, I’m simply just keeping it real and I’m tired of all the sugarcoating going on on this spaceship many call earth. The truth is what will set us free because it will unify us, although it may hurt and upset us at 1st. It is what it is, its all love, its all a lesson given to us by our unconditionally loving prime source “creator”. Feel free to bring your truth to us, we will help you get it out. We love you guys always. -LIFE.LOVE.LAUGHTER

LIFE.LOVE.LAUGHTER Radio Interview w/ Lil Wayne’s Drummer KGE (Click through picture to access show)

LIFE.LOVE.LAUGHTER Radio Interview w/ Lil Wayne's Drummer KGE (Click through picture to access show)

Tone & LB interviewed KGE (Keenan Ephriam) of the YMCMB band aka The Komposers. We went in on the days topic ‘Why Should We Be In Harmony With Nature”? KGE came on the show and gave us a glimpse of his goofy personality, his life story, and how was able to overcome the struggle in order to make his dreams come true of being the hottest drummer in the universe. This show is not for the weak, for we always keep it real without remorse or hesitation. Feel free to share this with your friends and family for we are here to spread our message and assist with uplifting humanity across the globe.

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Also catch The Komposers Performing Live on Tuesday May 6th 2014 @Skinny’s Lounge in N. Hollywood, California 8-12a

How Humans Can Be Perfect!


Im sittin in my boy house chillin right now, fresh out the shower, and got on my coconut oil, and natural cocoa butter lotion smelling like a hershey kiss wit a almond, hear me now! That dude tone is over in the kitchen whippin up some vegan electrical food eats for the night before we head out. We have been coming up with many monstrous ideas that may or may not be created. Like I always say we have plenty of business ideas, and if you or anyone you know need a business idea that puts humans first then we are one place you can find that.

Human beings have the ability to be perfect. The issue that we have today is that we don’t realize the way that humans can actually be perfect. We were taught to think of perfect from a materialistic world perspective. For example, a basketball player who says he can’t be perfect because he can’t make every basket. This is not what is meant by human perfection. The human perfection that the holy books and messengers were speaking about was perfection in terms of spirit (energy) world. This perfection exists when unconditional love for all things exists within a person (this can now be measured verified and proven based on how the harmonics of our DNA behaves with or without the existence of said phenomenon). Yes, you may fail at certain physical tasks, the same way one day your body will die, but when you can be perfect by the spiritual definition is the day you will dwell in the heaven that has been heavily talked about in the history of this world. Peace, Love, and Blessings family! – Life.Love.Laughter