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Star Messengers

Every Person On The Planet Has The Same Story… U Are God Who Fell Asleep And Forgot You Were God Until The Reminders (Messengers) CameTo Ressurect/Revive U….Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 3.25.30 PM


Sambo The Black God & Afrikans Of Asia… World Predictions In Stone 2500 Years Ago

A Good Bit Of Info That Eye’m Sending Out Before Eye Head Out To The Boise Art Museum With My Lil Knucklehead… Enjoy… And Remember Keep An Open Mind And Never Accept Anything Here As The Absolute Truth… Wholeness.Love Balance

New Video Series Coming soon!

New Video Series Coming soon!

99% is the symbol of this video series

It will be nothing too fancy, but it will have substance and depth, fancy with substance and depth will come in/at a different space and time

Wholeness and Love to All

“we only keeping it all the way 1 hunnid”

What Religion Am I [Question from Facebook]




I am all religions and even beyond that, because really whats “religion” or whats an “R” even, feel me? I am basically a researcher of all things and I put the pieces together based on all info that I have taken in/experienced, with an undivided/unbiased internal lens. To pick one single religion out of so many without knowing what the other ones said nor where they came from sounds hella risky to me. So instead of that risk I take the time to seek the foundations/roots of this information we have been handed all our lives. My body/temple is far to precious to me to take such a risk, and based on my sight the karma is not something i feel like choosing at this time. The bible says the kingdom is within, and to leave no stone unturned this has proved true to me in my experience, but this is only mine, we all have our own unique part to play, and this is what makes us all special. Now when it comes to belief I try my best to stay away from that word because there is nothing here for me to believe in. I simply either know or I don’t know, and thats that as far as my law is concerned. If you have any further questions or need clarity, please don’t hesitate to ask. #ThaSkorpionKing

Sista Raz Bey on LIFE.LOVE.LAUGHTER Radio Tonight 5pm-7pm (MST) [Click through picture to listen]

Sista Raz Bey on LIFE.LOVE.LAUGHTER Radio Tonight 5pm-7pm (MST) [Click through picture to listen]

LIFE.LOVE.LAUGHTER Radio brings the amazing Sista Razmariah V. Bey (RvBeypublications.com) to the air waves. Sista Raz will be on tonight reconnecting the human family to our illustrious history with the hopes that it will bring us all closer together as one family. She comes by way of the Moorish Heritage History School where her and her colleagues are piecing together history in a logical fashion for the greater good of humanity.

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