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Need To Let Off Some Steam Privately?

If You Need To Vent About Some Shit U Wanna Keep Private Email Me (UrbanLaughterSuite@gmail.com) To Schedule Some Time On The VentLine…

Ventline Is A Safe Space To Vent In Order To Help Bring Yoself Back To Balance…

No Payment Required, Love Offerings Accepted (U Give What U Feel Even If Its Silence)



Sprouted Spelt flour that we use

Sprouted Spelt flour that we use

This the flour we use to make our vegan chocolate chip waffle. It’s called spelt and is a much healthier option than the traditional flour. Spelt is rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Sprouting boosts key vitamins and minerals and simplifies digestibility.

Looking for more info, email us: UrbanLaughterSuite@gmail.com