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Star Poetree

God Can Be Bigger Than The Sun Or Smaller Than A Photon Light Particle With The Ability To Penetrate Yo Skull… #Limitless

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Intentions Of The Heart


The intentions of our hearts are playing a frequency out to the universe even when we are not speaking to self or others. This frequency resonates all through our DNA as well affecting the amount of information we have access to in our own DNA. This is why it’s pointless to deceive others because there is an invisible force that is communicating our true intentions. Today many of us R so caught up in the material world game that it’s blocking our ability to sense these subtle sound/light waves and thus our choices are not always the best. Silence the mind family. Yes it takes practice since we have been taught to live attached to mind, which causes us to live out of harmony with the all. Find that balance within family so that heart can be light as a feather. We love all y’all. Wholeness and love.