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“The Best Water On The Planet” To The Test

King El Rey Founder And Trustee Of Indigenous Water Bank Cooperative (IWB) At IWB.COOP Shows The Organic and Natural Alkaline Power Of The Award Winning IWB Water When Compared To A Few Other Popular Brands. The Proof Is In The Pudding. Find Many More IWB Water Facts And Healing Testimonials At IWB.COOP.


Olmec (Xi)/Mayan Mudras For All 20 Daykeepers (Glyphs)


From The Olmec/Mayan 13 Moon 28 Day Dreamspell Calendar Wanique Presents The MUDRAS For All 20 DAYKEEPERS (Glyphs) 
Any Of A Series Of Arm And Hand Positions Expressing An Attitude Or Action Of The Deity.
Any Of Various Similar Gestures Used In India’s Classical Dancing To Represent Specific Feelings.

Sambo The Black God & Afrikans Of Asia… World Predictions In Stone 2500 Years Ago

A Good Bit Of Info That Eye’m Sending Out Before Eye Head Out To The Boise Art Museum With My Lil Knucklehead… Enjoy… And Remember Keep An Open Mind And Never Accept Anything Here As The Absolute Truth… Wholeness.Love Balance