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Nationals And Citizens… Whats The Difference. U.S. History Currently


Universal Law Of Balanced Interchange


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for every thought that you attach to there is a equal and opposite reaction taking place that most seem to be unaware of today (there is a clear reason why this is so)…… this is universal law …… our most original/natural and pure state exists beyond mind and thinking…… your own thinking is the only thing affecting your life by the limits being placed on you and your environment by the exact wording thats being used……. this universe is limitless and its some far advanced shat going on out here that will blow yo ass to another galaxy…… mmmm mmm mmm….. I got love for all y’all…… and I’m only keeping it 100……


Video Shows Florida Police Arresting a 90-Year-Old Man for Feeding the Homeless

The day we see that using the word “homeless” is the only issue……. due to these statutes/codes being written and taken literally by the corporation who created them…… when we get this we will see that the words we use are very important in law……. all law is contract and contract is law…… contracts are oral or written why you think these corporations always record you ? mmmmm hmmmm…. its time for us to start recording they asses… lol


Learning to let things flow is key in life

One of my biggest life lessons has been learning to let things flow as they are. We hear people saying just let it flow all the time, but yet how many of us know what this really means?


Life seems to be what can be referred to as an eternally changing/evolving/mutating phenomenon that is governed by universal principles and laws that  have been in place since the beginning, and they have yet to change.

To flow in life is to be in FULL  acceptance of what life brings to you.  In the Blacks Law Dictionary 4th Edition the word Acceptance is defined as; The taking and receiving of anything in good part…. The key here is the words good part.  To be in full acceptance has all to do with the attitude of the receiver.  To accept with a positive attitude keeps a person universally in honor, while accepting/non-accepting with a negative attitude will have negative affects usually leading to dishonor.

Acceptance of all phenomena allows ones life to flow like water while other options such as resistance to life’s situations/phenomena will cause life’s flow to be restricted causing pain and suffering within the individual which is simply a natural response to resisting life via; worry, anxiety, FEAR, jealousy, envy, etc.

Acceptance can also be linked with the theory of being present and in the here now. In order for ones consciousness to rest in the present/here now, one must be in full acceptance of oneself, which seems to be a grand challenge for humanity today. We seem to have so much unfinished business with ourselves due to attachments to our past experiences etc. We must learn to accept and see that we are not our mind, thoughts, body, or senses. Once we experience and accept this foundational principle then we are ready to allow life to flow through us like water in this grand school referred to as the Universe.


Life.LOVE.LAUGHTER Radio Talk w/ Teacher Sista Raz Bey (Click through picture to access show)

Life.LOVE.LAUGHTER Radio Talk w/ Teacher Sista Raz Bey (Click through picture to access show)

“Negro, black, colored, african-american, are all slave names/labels that refer to beings who are only 3/5 th’s of a human being”

Sista Raz Bey, and Mizraim teachers of moorish history speak the truth with Tone & LB about how to reclaim your planetary birthrights and status as a full human being. Get your note pad out for this one! -LIFE.LOVE.LAUGHTER

“We bring shows that have substance”.