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The Identity Of Humanity



Shine And Rize… We Have Yet To Notice The Situation That Is Keeping Our Ego’s Bloated… Not Just Locally, But Globally. We Have Yet To Realize That We Are Creating Stories In Our Minds Using Two Tools Called Language And Imagination, All The While Not Realizing That Our True Self Is Who We Are Before Believing In Any Thought, Story Or Imagination. This True Self Which We All Are At Our Core Is Pure, Untouched, Undiluted, Harmonious With The All, Limitless, Boundless, All Knowing And In All Places At All Times. This Can Only Be Seen By Beings Who Are Able To See Beyond The Physical Realm Of Existence. We Have Been Taught To Believe In Thoughts Which Can Never Be Our Core Since Nothing Is Created Until We Give It Meaning In Our Own Minds. This Seems To Be The Root Of The Struggle For Humanity To Harmonize With Their True Identity. So Everything Is Neutral Until A Judgement Takes Place…. In Neutrality We Create Orgasmic Beauty And Bliss… In Judgement Whether Good Or Bad, Positive Or Negative, We Create War Within And What We Do Within Is What Will Happen Without (Outside), This Is Natural/Universal/Divine Law……. Always Remember, Never Trust Us… Our Words Are A Limited Expression Of The Limitless/Boundless…  LIFE.LOVE.LAUGHTER


Eye Only Wanted To Know What Love Was…

Some Time Ago Eye Went Through Some Things That Caused Me To Ask Myself What Love Was. Based On My Inner Feelings Eye Felt Like Something Was Not Right. To Say The Least The Things [Trials And Tribulations] That Eye’m Speaking About Can Be Described As The Usual Baby Mamma Drama. Lol, And In No Way, Shape Or Form Was It Her Who Brought These Trails And Tribulations My Way… It Was Me And My Own Ignorance. So Maybe It Would Be More Accurate For Me To Call  It Baby Daddy Drama. Lol, The Crazy Thing Is… That It Has Taken Me About Seven Years To Recognize That It Was All Me… Lmfao!


Me Asking Myself What Love Was Caused Me To Begin To Search For Answers. First Place That Eye Looked Was In A Book Titled “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”.


This Book Opened Me Up To A Whole New World Of Questions And Other Research. The Most Important Research Being The Observation Of My Own Inner Self. To Make A Long Story Short Eye Came To One Conclusion About Love. That Is… Love Was Never Meant To Be Understood… It Was Meant To Be Done. The Reason It Was Not Meant To Be Understood Is Because It Can Be Expressed In A Limitless Amount Of Ways…. And When Eye Say Limitless Eye’m Speaking Of A Phenomenon That Goes Far Beyond Even The Word Limitless… As That Word Is Also A Limit. Lets Look A Little Deeper Into What The Eff Eye’m Talking About. So Today, Many Of Us Look At Love And Hate, Or Love And Fear Being Two Opposing Emotions/Forces. Well What If The Opposite Is Correct… What If At The Root Of Hate And Fear Is A Deep Love? This Is How And Why Love Can Be Seen As Limitless In My Eyes. If A Person Takes The Time Out Of Their Day To Hate Or Fear An Individual They Are Actually Focusing Their Energy [AKA Feeding Power And Energy] On That Person. And Whatever We Focus Our Attention On Comes Closer To Us Based On The Law Of Attraction And/Or Universal Law. So Vibrationally [Thoughts Are Vibration]  Speaking The Person One Claims To Hate Or Fear Is Being Drawn Closer Creating A Contradiction. This Is A View Of Why Some Ancient Prophets Mentioned That All Was Good, Or All Was Love… Because At The Root Of All Human Emotions Is Love Based On My Experience. Could This Also Be Why They Say Love Thy Enemies Or Love Yo Haters… Cuz The More They Hate Or Fear You The More They Feed You. Simple…

It Seems That In My Experience Eye Am Being Given The Opportunity To Experience Love Unconditionally Even Through What Many Would Call Wicked Acts. Eye Have To Steadily Remind Myself That Eye Asked The Universe A Question And Now Eye Have To Allow The Universe To Answer Me. At Times This Can Be Difficult And Eye See Why Some Say Be Careful What You Ask For. Its All Good Tho Because Eye Know Pure Love Is With Me And At The End Of The Tunnel. It Seems The More Eye Mature The More That Is Revealed To Me.

Be Thankful For Each Moment Because Love Is Being Shined Upon Us At All Times No Matter What The Present Conditions May Look Like.

Never Trust Me… Never Follow Me… This Only Poetree