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New Music Genre “High Resonance Mu Sik”

Dancing With The Stars Visualizer, Giving You All A Visual Of Live-er Resonance. For Those Of You Who May Not Know, The Verses In This Song Are A Breakdown Of Different Sun Gods/Goddesses Of Which The Olmecs Call Galactic Signatures. These Are The Suns, Moons And Stars That Make You Who You Are. Neutrinos, Genetic Memory And Star Dust. This Is Why My Sound Is Called “High Resonance”, Because Only Those With Elite Knowledge Can Overstand.   -King El Rey


1 Take Freestyle Muzik… Peep Our Art

This Is Not Our Beat But The Beat Is By Moshuun @Youtube … Vocals By :Tha-Scorpion:King Aka Nazu… We Not Into All That Writing And All That Like Traditional Music Artists, We Rather Find A Beat That Resonates With Our Soul Then Gooo! Lol.. We Found This Beat On Youtube By Just Searching Randomly… LIFE.LOVE.LAUGHTER