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Are You A Macro-Thinker Or A Micro-Thinker?


In your daily life do you consider the fact that you are spiraling through space on a planet, or is that irrelevant to you? Did you know that the moon controls the tides of the waters on our planet as well as within our bodies? This is a known fact, but yet we don’t seem to care about whats going on out there and how it connects with whats going on in here as well as inside of our own bodies on even the smallest microscopic levels. To me, if the moon can pull tides of the water on earth and in our bodies from way out there then what else can it and the rest of the stuff out there possibly be doing to us, and if it is doing something to us, well how in the hell is it doing this? 

Answer: Its doing this using light (photons), light (photons) is electro (male)-magnetic (female) energy, it is sound, vibration. Even what we see and touch as physical matter such as a cup is simply slowed down light (photons), which means the molecules of solid structures are all moving at a slower pace than the molecules in something like air which is also light (photons) moving at a more rapid speed, you can feel air but you can’t grab it using an instrument like your hand.

These are questions i had, that I found the answers to because the most high has given them to us, but we must seek within 1st family, it is that time!




Iz Hiztori Fuhl Of Li’s?

How come most of the earth knows nothing about the rich history of our dark skinned ancestors and the powers that they possessed during the last sun cycle on this planet. The skoolz have completely flip flopped history all up, lmao! All it takes is for one to take a peek into the 76 trillion years of historical knowledge that is claimed to be on this planet right now, and the rest will be history, we are all one, the 1 and only human race on planet earth, duh!! I love y’all.

Happy mothers d…

Happy mothers day to all mothers, no word or letter can describe your importance on this planet and in this universe; for all men of this planet are your sons since we all came from you. I also want to thank all women, no matter who you are for keeping the human family afloat as we have moved through the trials and tribulations of learning what love is, as well as learning who we are in these amazing “times”. Thank you! from the Urban Laughter Family -LIFE.LOVE.LAUGHTER

I am not a name…

I am not a name, a name is a word by which something is known, a word is a speech sound. So, na I can’t possibly be a name. #ThaSkorpionKing

Many of us on the North American Continent have gotten caught up on these names. We must wake up to the literal fact that we are not a name. We are all eternal and timeless spirits living within the confines of the flesh and blood vehicle. We must go back and take a look at what we have been taught and seek answers beyond what we have been taught by this system that was put in place due to our  (humanity) minds being asleep. We are now getting ready for the awakening and transition that is now taking place on this planet. We are here to help humanity sort through the bullshit, but at the end of the day always remember, do not trust in us, trust in you!!-LIFE.LOVE.LAUGHTER