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How To Be In The Zone Every Single Day


The Shift Is Now


There is a definite shift taking place on planet earth, and either we get in-line with the shift or not and be eliminated by the great nature. This is the reality that we exist in on this part of the timeline family. This thing many call life is much bigger than what we have ever known or been taught. We have all been taught to live by limitations in an existence where everything is limitless. Im sure for most this needs more clarity, and in these times this is no longer some spookism type hype, this shit is real. Nature or whatever you want to call it is a real force which is evident in the things inside us as well as all around us, and there are certain laws that govern these things, and until we find truth/place of eternal awareness, eternal presence, and being within ourselves, we will continue to deteriorate from the inside out. Know thyself family. Let those who would like to wake up to awake, and allow those who wish to remain sleep to sleep. All praises due to the most high. ‪#‎ThaSkorpionKing‬