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1 Take Freestyle Muzik Practice

Shine And Rize Divine People Of Xi (The Universe) Here Are Some Of Those Xi Vibes For You All To Vibe To. Enjoy!



1 Take Freestyle Comedy Mu-Zik

This Iz One Way We Have Fun Making Art On The Run…. Never Trust In Our Illusion Cuz It Will Only Bring U Confusion!… LIFE.LOVE.LAUGHTER

S/O @EMG Records On The Beat And The Video Cred.

1 Take Freestyle Muzik… Peep Our Art

This Is Not Our Beat But The Beat Is By Moshuun @Youtube … Vocals By :Tha-Scorpion:King Aka Nazu… We Not Into All That Writing And All That Like Traditional Music Artists, We Rather Find A Beat That Resonates With Our Soul Then Gooo! Lol.. We Found This Beat On Youtube By Just Searching Randomly… LIFE.LOVE.LAUGHTER

Freestyle 1-Take Music by LB aka #ThaSkorpionKing

Here I go again family having the time of my life talking a bunch of shit and clowning around on camera to the beat. I found this beat on youtube, turned on my camera, hit record, and made a record, lol. fUn TimEs! -LIFE.LOVE.LAUGHTER

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