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A Random Thought By #ThaSkorpionKing


If we understood how our bodies electrical conductivity relates to the food we eat as well as how this relates to disease and doctors bills, I’m sure our diets would be quite different. We are electric beings and we must take in foods that are conductive i.e electric foods, or else we cause corrosion in our cells the same way as a car battery, and when corrosion sets in, this is where disease sets in. Either its electric/alkaline or its not, it cannot be both, its not rocket science its simple.

Effects Of Negative Thoughts/Feelings/Emotions



one negative thought/emotion/feeling will cause one mental dis-ease , and each electrical thought/feeling/emotion is hooked to a specific organ, this anciently known connection gives us some significant insight as to what the root cause is of all physical conditions that many refer to as disease. #ThaSkorpionKing