Our Motivation


ULS Was Inspired In Response To Our Observations Of The Present Day Struggles Of People On A Global Scale. It Was Brought To Our Attention That In Our Own Personal Life That We Have Not Been Paying Very Close Attention To Our Own Inner Workings Causing Us To Be Blind To What Has Actually Been Happening Around Us. As We Continue To Move Closer To The Realization Of Ourselves We Also Continue To Move Into The Realization Of What Is And Has Been Happening Around Us. We Noticed That It Was Not Only Us Having This Experience, But Many Others As Well. This Caused Us To Bring Forth A Platform Where We, And Eventually Others Can Express Our Journey Through Artistic Expression.

At Present ULS Is Being Utilized As A Platform For Us To Document Our Personal Transformation And Journey Within. We Are Interested In Everything Because Everything Is Art. Some Of The Art Forms That We Are Currently Expressing Ourselves Through Are: Music, Poetry, Culinary Arts, Parenting, Research, Content Curating, Writing, And Spoken Word To Say The Least. Stay Tuned As We Evolve To Heights That Math Equations Cant Solve.

Wholeness.Love.Balance To All


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